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The following is *rough* instructions on how to configure FreeSCO to talk to a ReplayTV using a dialup modem (without a phone line) This is a wiki... I'd like someone to make better instructions (with pictures), and maybe even a Video!

Make sure your modem is compatable with your Replay

  1. connect a phone line from your replay to the "LINE" port of your PC modem
  2. Open a connection to the modem with HyperTERM or PUTTY if your version of windows doesn't have HyperTERM.
  3. Type "AT" followed by <ENTER>. The modem should respond "OK". If not you're not talking to your modem.
  4. Type "ATA" <ENTER> on the modem. You should hear a high pitched tone. If you don't, check your speaker setup. Remember what this tone sounds like. When ready press a key and you should get "NO CARRIER"
  5. The "LINE" port on your PC does not generate a dial tone. Therefore, the "Wait for dial tone" setting on the Replay, which defaults to "Yes", must be configured to "No." On the Replay, navigate from Menu -> Setup -> Change Telephone through a series of screens to the "Dialing Prefix" screen, and then press the "Zones" button on your remote. A special screen should appear which will allow you to change the "Wait for dial tone" option to "No."
  6. Have the Replay initiate a network connection. (243 Zones, option 4)
  7. When the Replay says "Dialing" type "ATA" <ENTER> on the PC Terminal
  8. You should hear the high pitched "Answer Tone" followed by the Replay trying to sync up.
  9. You should get a "CONNECT" message. That means you're PC is compatible.
  10. If you don't get a connect, troubleshoot the problem before spending any time moving forward. First suggestion is to provide "talk battery" to the Replay to PC connection. A 9 volt battery in series with a 330 to 1000 ohm resistor should work. You may need to connect two phone jacks back to back to access the two wires, red and green at the jacks, carrying signal. Polarity is not important. This is not a permanent solution because the 9 volt battery will deplete fairly quickly.

FreeSCO VM setup

  1. Download and install VMware Player
  2. Download and unzip the FreeSCO Virt Machine:
  3. Open the FreeSCO config file in VMWare Player
  4. Edit Virtual Machine Settings if you need to adjust the serial port (default com1)
  5. Play the virtual machine
  6. Note the IP when it starts (if the subnet isn't 192.168.26.x you'll need to change stuff)
  7. The VMWare player will capture your mouse and keyboard when you click in it. <CTR><ALT> will release it.
  8. Click in the FreeSCO process and log in as root/root
  9. Type "setup" to enter setup mode.
  10. <enter> to accept the default color mode.
  11. Select Advanced config, option 71
  12. choose 710 if needed to configure your modem.
  13. choose 714 if your subnet is not 192.168.26.x (change to a free IP address in subnet)
  14. Type x to return to the advanced menu
  15. Select Advanced config option 41 - DNS Server
  16. Set option 414 - Primary DNS address to your WiRNS PC IP.
  17. Exit advance configuration
  18. save changed settings
  19. Type "reboot" to reboot the FreeSCO machine
  20. You should hear your modem try and answer every minute or so.

WiRNS Setup

  1. Download and install WiRNS
  2. someone should copy or link to relevant WiRNS setup instructions, noting that dialup machines can only use a subset of it's functions.
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