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Download Information

The XMLTVProject offers the following distributions:

Windows users are strongly advised to use the pre-build EXE as installing all the prerequisites is non-trivial. For those want to give it a go, instructions are in Git. Those instructions can be used for both building xmltv.exe as well as a local install.

Packaged Versions

These packaged versions for various operating systems may not necessarily be up to date with the latest XMLTV source release. However they are usually built within a week or so.

For Mac OS X there is an xmltv package as part of the Fink project, maintained by Justin Hallett.

For various Red Hat/Fedora Linux versions Axel Thimm has made some RPM packages for xmltv. They are may also work on Mandriva Linux.

Debian GNU/Linux's xmltv source package produced by Chris Butler generates four binary packages: libxmltv-perl, xmltv, xmltv-gui and xmltv-util. The latest version should be available from packages.debian.org/xmltv.

For Gentoo, the list of available versions can be found at packages.gentoo.org

There is also a port for FreeBSD and NetBSD.

If other distributions are known, please edit this page!