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XMLTV Grabber Status

Most grabbers included in the Xmltv project grab data from websites that the author of the grabber does not control. Whenever the site changes the format of their pages, the grabber needs to be updated. Therefore, xmltv grabbers tend to stop working every now and then.

CVS Status

To see which grabbers currently work in CVS, use the status link on the left or [1]. Every night, the latest code from CVS is checked out and tested with the test_grabbers command and the page is updated. The tests are fairly thorough, some might even say that they are too pedantic. They are run against the baseline capability as described in XmltvCapabilities and any deviations from these requirements are reported as errors.

The tests cannot notice all types of errors. It only tries to download data for a few channels, not all available channels. Furthermore, the tests cannot know if for example the titles or starttimes are semantically correct but doesn't match what is actually transmitted on TV.

Note that the test_grabbers-page is not monitored automatically. Just because the page shows that a grabber has problems does not mean that the developers know about it. The error-codes used in the output are described at XmltvTestCodes.

Status of Latest Release

The same tests are also run on the latest release version of Xmltv every night. The results of these tests can be found at [2]

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