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How To Submit A Grabber

After you have written your new grabber (you did look at HowtoWriteAGrabber I hope?), you might want to have it included in the xmltv distribution. This means that it will be included in the next release of xmltv.

In order for a grabber to be accepted into xmltv, it must have an active maintainer. The maintainer must answer bugreports and solve any problems that are discovered. The most likely maintainer for your grabber is you. There are many helpful developers on the xmltv-devel mailing-list, but you cannot assume that they will be interested in a grabber for another country.

To have your grabber accepted, perform the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to the xmltv-devel mailing-list
  2. Mention you're thinking about writing a grabber. Others may chime in with work already done, data source problems, etc.
  3. Write your grabber.
  4. Make sure that your grabber passes the tests in tv_validate_grabber without any errors. See XmltvValidation.
  5. Register for a Github account.
  6. Post your grabber to xmltv-devel and ask for your grabber to be included. Include your GitHub accountname in the post (to get Git access) and state who will maintain your grabber (hint: you).
  7. Another developer will have a look at your grabber. Once it is accepted, you will get Git access.
  8. Check your grabber into the GitHub repository. This includes editing Makefile.PL, MANIFEST and adding a test.conf for your grabber.
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