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Guide viewers

  • gShowTV : A TV program schedule viewer and a Personal Video Recorder GUI
  • OnTV : GNOME Applet for monitoring current and upcoming TV programs.
  • skXMLTV : Superkaramba XML TV Viewer (for Lunix/KDE)
  • XSLTv : Browser-based viewer for XMLTV listings.
  • TV-Browser : Java application to display personalized TV/Radio program listings (can use a converter to read XMLTV style files)
  • FreeGuide TV Guide : Java-based application to display personalised TV program listings, uses native XMLTV support.
  • StoryTV : .NET application to create a personalized TV-guide every week based on your preferences.
  • Yabby TV Guide : A light-weight program for XMLTV listings. In alpha testing as of June 2007.
  • nxtvepg : EPG with TeleTEXT data source that also can read and write XMLTV files
  • TvFox : A daily program guide for Firefox
  • SquareEyes : Download and view RadioTimes .dat files - Windows
  • TV Grid Listings - XMLTV Viewer : Import XMLTV listings and view them in a TV grid format (for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad)
  • WebTeleVideo.com : A clear TV Listing guide (Italian) with a lightweight interface. Every TV show is enriched with metadata (Posters, plot, actors, directors) and the content is available via API.

PVR and Media centers

  • Freevo : An open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linux
  • MythTV : Personal Video Recorder for Linux
  • SageTV : Commercial PVR and media center for Windows.
  • Showshifter : Commercial PVR and media center for Windows (now defunct).
  • J. River Media Center : Commercial, for Windows
  • Meedio: Commercial media center for Windows (now defunct, sold to Yahoo!).
  • MediaPortal : Open-Source Media Center
  • Beyond TV : Commercial PVR for Windows
  • GB-PVR : free (but not open-source) PVR for Windows
  • DVB Web Sheduler : open source PVR for Windows written in java
  • DScaler : An ongoing attempt to get the best video quality possible from a Windows PC
  • EyeTV : Commercial, for Mac OS X

tv listing grabbers not part of XMLTV SF project

  • belguide : A Belgian XMLTV Grabber
  • webgrab+plus : now on www.webgrabplus.com MultiSite Incremental XMLTV grabber, Windows & Linux, IMDB postprocessor, for Windows and for Linux, grabs from 151 tvguide sites.
  • tv_grab_nl_py version 2 : tv_grab_nl_py effectively already for several years replaces tv_grab_nl that is part of this project. Due to it being written in Python it cannot be incorporated. It however is fully compatible. As of January 2015 a completely renewed Version 2.0 and now 2.1 is released. As this new version also grabs from teveblad.be, it also is well suited for Flemish users. It can be downloaded from GitHub or go to its wiki (in Dutch).

xmltv helper application

  • autoEPG : an application for easier configuration and automatic download of XMLTV data it can also use TVxb. epgstream.net, XMLTVgui, it translates the guide data to familiar language (example german, france and others into english or other) and injects the guide data into Windows Media Center 7 - Continued projest with a lot of new features
  • xmltv2ical : convert xmltv to iCalendar
  • xmltv-druid : a very simple Gnome druid for selecting, configuring and scheduling a tv_grab task for XMLTV.
  • TVXB : Another program extractor (Windows and Wine).
  • XMLTV Producer for PHP : Framework to write XMLTV grabbers in PHP.
  • qxmltvhandler: A XMLTV handler in Qt (currently only used for Belgian grabber)

XMLTV ready to use data

  • Brazil : XMLTV for brazilian channels ready to use. Programação dos canais brasileiros pronta para usar
  • Colombia : XMLTV program data for colombian cable providers. Esta es la programación de la semana siguiente de los canales de cable para Colombia.
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