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ReplayTV Replacement FAQ

Digital Networks North America declared bankruptcy on 2015-07-20. Their guide service probably will never return. You have two solutions to keep using your ReplayTV device.


Using the PercData/LaHo server to provide Guide Data

Some community members have gotten together to offer a simple replacement ReplayTV guide service. (code name "LAst HOpe RNS" (LaHo)).

The LaHo service is provided by Perc Data. You can sign up at

The cost for the Perc/LaHo service (6-month term) is $21 first ReplayTV, $7 for additional units.

PERC/LaHo do not offer support for dial-up devices.

Using WiRNS to provide Guide Data

WiRNS is a free (as in beer) application that can feed guide data to ReplayTV devices and offers other features. WiRNS can obtain data from any XMLTV source or Schedules Direct. ($25/year for Schedules Direct)

With WiRNS 3.0, all ReplayTV units work fine without Replay's server.

The complexity of a WiRNS solution varies with your ReplayTV unit and configuration. It involves setting up a WiRNS server on a local Windows machine.

Setting the clock on 2k/3k/Showstoppers =

There is a hack available here to add a time set page to your Replay. Doing so involves removing the hard disk and adding programs using a PC.

Once connected to a network (see dialup section), 2k/3k units can also use NTP to set the time. WiRNS can provide the NTP proxy functionality.

Setting the clock on Network Attached 4k/5k Units =

You can set your clock using WiRNS 3.0 or Perc/Laho. Perc/Laho supports setting your clock without signing up for a PERC Data account. (just point your ReplayTV there)

What about Dialup Users

A solution exists where a PC (physical or virtual) is configured as a FREESCO router. The ReplayTV can then dial into the FREESCO router using a phone line, phone line simulator, or even a direct connection. Once connected to the FREESCO router, WiRNS or Laho can be used to update the ReplayTV box.

Such a solution is currently complicated, but eventually step by step directions will be provided. A rough draft of a FREESCO solution is HERE.

What about Activation

All units require registry changes to "undo" things DNNA set in some recent updates. Both WiRNS and Perc/Laho will apply these changes for you. We should even be able to activate a new unit.

Where can i get more information

Discussion and work on solutions are quite active in the following Forums:

WiRNS Planet Replay Forum
ReplayTV AVS Forum

How can I help

  • If you see anything wrong with this FAQ, please update it. (it is a Wiki after all)
  • If you have the technical ability, monitor the forums and help!
  • Create step by step solution instructions. (start in the forum, can move to a wiki later)
  • Create step by step instruction videos.
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