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How to build XMLTV.EXE

Previously, xmltv.exe was built using Activestate's Perl Development Kit. (about $300). That has been discontinued, and I was able to build xmltv.exe using the free PAR::Packer module!

  1. Follow instructions in XMLTVWindowsBuild to get a working xmltv under windows.
  2. Install these modules
    cpan Params::Validate           (may have already been installed by something else)
    cpan PAR::Packer
    cpan App::PP::Autolink
  3. execute "gmake xmltv.exe" from your xmltv directory.

That's it!

The first time XMLTV.EXE is executed, it will take a long time. For my XMLTV.EXE I add modified Par::Packer to add a warning

  1. CPAN
  2. look PAR::Packer
  3. edit myldr/boot.c (near line 198)
    rc = my_mkdir(stmpdir, 0700);
    // 2021-01-18 rmeden hack to print a message on first run
    if ( rc == 0 ) fprintf(stderr,"Note: This will take a while on first run\n");
    // rmeden
    if ( rc == -1 && errno != EEXIST) {
  4. perl Makefile.PL (PAR::Packer directory)
  5. gmake install
  6. now after build a new xmltv.exe it will print a warning on the first run.

Good Luck

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