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*[[Portugal]] : XMLTV formatted data for Portugal
*[[Portugal]] : XMLTV formatted data for Portugal
*[http://xmltv.info Germany] : German data provided by xmltv.info
*[http://xmltv.info Germany] : German data provided by xmltv.info
*[http://www.xmltv.eu Greece] : Greek data provided by xmltv.eu

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Program viewers

  • gShowTV : A TV program schedule viewer and a Personal Video Recorder GUI
  • OnTV : GNOME Applet for monitoring current and upcoming TV programs.
  • skXMLTV : Superkaramba XML TV Viewer (for Lunix/KDE)
  • XSLTv : Browser-based viewer for XMLTV listings.
  • TV-Browser : Java application to display personalized TV/Radio program listings (can use a converter to read XMLTV style files)
  • FreeGuide TV Guide : Java-based application to display personalised TV program listings, uses native XMLTV support.
  • StoryTV : .NET application to create a personalized TV-guide every week based on your preferences.
  • Yabby TV Guide : A light-weight program for XMLTV listings. In alpha testing as of June 2007.
  • nxtvepg : EPG with TeleTEXT data source that also can read XMLTV files
  • TvFox : A daily program guide for Firefox
  • SquareEyes : Download and view RadioTimes .dat files - Windows

PVR and Media centers

  • Freevo : An open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linux
  • MythTV : Personal Video Recorder for Linux
  • SageTV : Commercial PVR and media center for Windows.
  • Showshifter : Commercial PVR and media center for Windows (now defunct).
  • J. River Media Center : Commercial, for Windows
  • Meedio: Commercial media center for Windows (now defunct, sold to Yahoo!).
  • MediaPortal : Open-Source Media Center
  • Beyond TV : Commercial PVR for Windows
  • GB-PVR : free (but not open-source) PVR for Windows
  • DVB Web Sheduler : open source PVR for Windows written in java
  • DScaler : An ongoing attempt to get the best video quality possible from a Windows PC

tv listing grabbers not part of XMLTV SF project

xmltv helper application

  • xmltv2ical : convert xmltv to iCalendar
  • xmltv-druid : a very simple Gnome druid for selecting, configuring and scheduling a tv_grab task for XMLTV.
  • TVXB : Another program extractor (Windows and Wine).
  • XMLTV Producer for PHP : Framework to write XMLTV grabbers in PHP.
  • qxmltvhandler: A XMLTV handler in Qt (currently only used for Belgian grabber)

XMLTV ready to use data

  • Brazil : XMLTV formatted data for Brazil - (grades de programação em XMLTV prontas para uso)
  • Colombia : XMLTV program data for colombian cable providers. Esta es la programación de la semana siguiente de los canales de cable para Colombia.
  • Portugal : XMLTV formatted data for Portugal
  • Germany : German data provided by xmltv.info
  • Greece : Greek data provided by xmltv.eu
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