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Historically, one of the trickier tasks for XMLTV has been installing Perl and all the necessary modules for Windows. The situation has been made much better with the release of the Windows XMLTV distribution that includes a prepackaged PERLApp executable called XMLTV.EXE.

There are times when folks would like to run native XMLTV or other Perl programs on Windows. This Page documents the process I followed to do it using Strawberry Perl.

Strawberry Perl is a perl environment for MS Windows containing all you need to run and develop perl applications. It is designed to be as close as possible to perl environment on UNIX systems.

Strawberry Perl is a Windows Perl distribution that includes a compiler (gcc) and other tools that allow you to install packages from CPAN just like you would on a Unix/Linux system.

WARNING: I don't recommend using any directories with spaces or other special characters in them!

IMPORTANT: Unlike Windows, Perl is case-sensitive: "makefile.pl" is NOT the same as "Makefile.PL"

1. Download/Install Strawberry Perl (I use c:\strawberry )

2. Verify your Strawberry install by opening a windows command prompt (cmd.exe) and executing "perl -v". (You type "exit" to close the command prompt.)

3. Drill down the XMLTV Sourceforge Distribution site and grab the latest non-Win32 XMLTV distribution (for example: xmltv-0.5.65.tar.bz2.

4. Extract tar.bz2 source tree to a local directory (I use c:\xmltv) . I use 7-Zip. Note, you may have do it twice (first unzip to .tar, then to folder.

5. Open a windows command prompt (cmd.exe) and CD to the local directory you specified above (e.g. c:\xmltv).

6. Execute "perl Makefile.PL". Look for the XMLTV utility you would like to use. Is it already "yes" to include? If not, answer the questions and note the modules the Makefile.PL says you need to include.

7. I installed the prerequisites with these commands. You only need to do the ones you need. ( I prefer ppm over CPAN )

  ppm install Date::Manip
  ppm install XML::DOM
  ppm install XML::Twig
  ppm install Tk
  ppm install Tk::TableMatrix
  cpan HTTP::Cache::Transparent
  cpan DateTime
  cpan DateTime::Format::ISO8601
  cpan XML::Writer
  cpan XML::TreePP
  cpan Lingua::EN::Numbers::Ordinate
  cpan Lingua::Preferred
  cpan Term::ProgressBar
  cpan Unicode::String
  cpan Unicode::UTF8simple
  cpan Switch
  cpan HTML::FormatText

8. Execute 'dmake clean' and then 'perl Makefile.PL' again... repeat step 6 until you're happy.

9. Build XMLTV normally 'dmake'

10. You can test XMTLV if you wish 'dmake test', but I fail 2/5 programs, 26/125 subtests

11. Install to strawberry's bin folder with 'dmake install' (it will fail, but important stuff is there)

12. *PROFIT* (for example, cd to another directory and type tv_grab_na_dd --configure )

We should work on fixing the test and install parts of the Makefile for windows! :)

Activestate Notes ( not working yet)

downlaod activeperl 5.16 (5.18 doesn't have a complete ppm library)

ppm install mingw
ppm install  Date::Format
ppm install  Date::Manip
ppm install  DateTime
ppm install  File::Slurp
ppm install  HTTP::Cache::Transparent
ppm install  IO::Scalar
ppm install  SOAP::Lite
ppm install  Tk
ppm install  XML::DOM
ppm install  XML::LibXML
ppm install  XML::Twig
ppm install  XML::Writer
ppm install Lingua::EN::Numbers::Ordinate
ppm install Lingua::Preferred 
ppm install Term::ProgressBar 
ppm install  Unicode::String
ppm install DateTime::Format::Strptime
ppm install DateTime::Format::ISO8601
cpan install  Tk::TableMatrix
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