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XMLTV is a few things with the same name.

  • XMLTV is a very popular XML based file format for describing TV listings. see XMLTVFormat
  • XMLTV is an interface contract between programs the emit guide data and programs that consume it. see HowtoWriteAGrabber and HowtoUseGrabbers
  • XMLTV is a perl module that helps to create XMLTV formatted documents. see XMLTVModule
  • XMLTV is a collection of tools to obtain, manipulate, and search TV Listings. see XMLTVProject

Most of this Wiki has to do with the XMLTVProject

XMLTV Project Status

(for more info see XMLTVProject)

The current release (0.6.1) was made on 2019-03-16 and is available at

Major Changes in this release (0.6.1)


tv_grab_eu_dotmedia and tv_grab_se_tvzon are deprecated and will be removed in the next release of XMLTV.

Please switch to the new tv_grab_eu_xmltvse grabber as soon as possible.

New Grabbers

tv_grab_eu_xmltvse - new grabber for Europe tv_grab_pt_vodafone - new grabber for Portugal

Deleted Grabbers

tv_grab_es_laguiatv tv_grab_fr_kazer tv_grab_in_toi tv_grab_nl



include fanart URLs in output


add new ampparit and telsu sources


update grabber due to upstream changes


now only provides RUV channels


improvements to lineup management add support for TheTVDB metadata


new rules to improve episode numbering logging must now be enabled explicitly


mandatory command line options for files


migrate to new URL for archived IMDB data

And lots of other changes (see ChangeLog for details)

Related Projects

There are lots of applications that use XMLTV-formatted files., these include guide viewers and PVRs. There are also some grabbers not included in the XMLTV project distribution. See XmltvRelatedProjects.

The XmltvUnrelatedProjects are things which don't use the XMLTV format but are somehow connected to TV listings.

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