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XMLTV is a few things with the same name.

  • XMLTV is a very popular XML based file format for describing TV listings. see XMLTVFormat
  • XMLTV is a perl module that helps to create XMLTV formatted documents. see XMLTVModule
  • XMLTV is a collection of tools to obtain, manipulate, and search TV Listings. see XMLTVProject

Most of this Wiki has to do with the XMLTVProject

XMLTV Project Status

(for more info see XMLTVProject)

The current release (0.5.57) was made on 2010-04-18 and is available at

New Grabbers:

  • tv_grab_in: India (experimental)
  • tv_grab_il: Israel
  • tv_grab_nl: Netherlands... old grabber reactivated, works fine
  • tv_grab_dk_dr: re-release of Danish grabber after re-write

Major updates:

  • tv_grab_uk_rt: many changes, upgrade strongly recommended
  • tv_grab_es_laguiatv: channel icons added
  • tv_grab_fr: major code cleanup with new features added

DTD Changes:

  • Add support for composer and editor credit roles
  • "review" element added
  • channel "transport-id" element added


  • lots of fixes for POD syntax errors
  • lots of fixes for new versions (6.00+) of Date::Manip module and DST handling

And some bugfixes and polish.

Related Projects

There are lots of applications that use XMLTV-formatted files., these include guide viewers and PVRs. There are also some grabbers not included in the XMLTV project distribution. See XmltvRelatedProjects.

The XmltvUnrelatedProjects are things which don't use the XMLTV format but are somehow connected to TV listings.

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