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*from taday you can follow us on [ twitter]
*from today you can follow us on [ twitter]

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This is a third-party tool developed by XMLTV user(s). It is not created, supported, or endorsed by the XMLTVProject. For a list of third-party tools and things to remember for your safety when using third-party tools, see the category.

autoEPG is an application for easier configuration and automatic download of XMLTV data, also integrates other grabbers, TVxb, translation of the data from various languages, spain, french... to another language example, english, macedonian... and finally import to Windows Media Center (I've lost the source code so now I'm starting all over, you can download the latest build from here.

here is the first screenshot



  • from today you can follow us on twitter


  • Improvements in affinity
  • new registration (the program registration is not changed for now, till next version), faster registration, but BE WARNED !!! only one registration request per mail !!!, if you send more requests you'll get an mail with warning, , Pro registration is changed, it's not the same as lite registration (the lite registration is only for our statistics), in the future lite registration will be server based (response within minutes) for Pro, you'll still have to wait up to 24 hours after donation is received
  • Thanks for the 2 donations (still not received but they'll be here )


  • performance selector - becouse XMLTV, BigScreen EPG and sometimes even autoEPG eats A LOT OF resources, wich might couse gleaches in video (specially TV) playback We have added, app priority selector, and for PC's with more CPUs / Cores core selector on wich the apps to run leaving the main system free for video, games....


  • new app icon
  • no GUI mode (hidden mode)
  • tray menu with basic commands and settings


  • New USB mode option - on Client machine (the one with the Media Center, where EPG will be imported) autoEPG runs in the background all the time and as soon as USB drive with the fresh XMLTV data is inserted into the PC, autoEPG detects it and starts importing the data


  • portable/remote mode added

downloads and processes the data ready for injecting and puts it in a folder on a USB memory / SD card... or uploads it to a FTP server so on the local pc (HTPC) it only downloads it and injects it to MC

very useful if you have a lot of channels (like me more than 500) because every day the transfer of data is around 300MB and it takes several hours so I run the portable mode on a PC in my office (usually the process takes place during the night) and at home autoEPG works only as injector and process is over in couple of minutes with only 20-25 MB transfer


  • progress in Channel Editor
  • Listings - view downloaded listings (channel - program data)


  • new progress in channel editor
  • YouTUBE video for registration and basic commands YouTUBE


  • new option in progress - edit each channel separately, category, video quality (HD logo), MCE chnnel Logo, Channel ID...
  • timeShift added - if the XMLTV file shows are shifted + or - to the local time
  • power option (poweroff/hibernate on finish)
  • progress bar
  • log
  • problem with translation of "&" example "Tom & Jerry" was translated as "Tom"
  • color-based categories in WMC (chose the shows to be marked ad movies, kids, family... and after that to be a color coded in WMC)

06.09.2010 23:02

  • since XMLTV tv_grab_fr is painfull slow more then 6 hours and going for a file of 1Mb !!!! added new fast grabber from !

23.06.2010 11:35

  • 3rd party injector TVxb now working, so no need of paid big screen EPG !

21.06.2010 14:10

  • added option for 3rd party injectors, for now only big screen EPG (with fix option)
  • soon tvxb (free alternative for Big Screen EPG !!!)
  • planed own injector (need some help on xmltv to mxf translation so if any ideas please help)

06.04.2010 23:12

  • urgent update, the installer has a flaw, it does not crate the folder "C:\autpEPG\RAW\" and it fails to start, please create this folder manualy!
  • quick tips if using other than XMLTV.exe point to the exported XMLTV.xml file to a=the "RAW" folder and name them something like this XMLTVepgstream.xml or XMLTVde.xml, run "GRABB all" then select in settings which files you want to be translated (check them), click SAVE, than "Translate", configure BIGscreen EPG (if you use it) point for the sources to the files in the "XMLTV" folder and compete the process in the BIGscreen EPG, after this initial setup it will run automatically only with starting autoEPG with "autoGRABB" and "autoINCECT" options checkes (ONLY the full version!!!)
  • the updated setup will be available shortly ...

06.04.2010 01:43

21.03.2010 21:10 0.9.9

  • setup lite available for download, please send comments

14.03.2010 [23:21]

  • minor translation errors fix (rt_text error)
  • tvxb back to old edit method, new was not working (still I'll be looking for another method, the idea is to have base of channels and add / remove them from the actual tvbx configuration)

11.03.2010 [14:00] 0.9.6

  • translation errors fix
- I'm a bit busy at the moment so the lite version will be delayed for a couple of days

08.03.2010 [09:46] 0.9.5 RC download

  • grabbing
  • translation
  • injection (Big screen EPG must be installed)
  • auto grabb
  • auto translate
  • auto inject
  • miniGUI mode
  • fixed base issues (much faster translation about 10% is online translation after the first pass)
  • only lite version is downloadable - next version will be with more features only some will be locked and there will be wait time for lite version (will be published before 10.03.2010)

07.03.2010 [01:45] build 0.9.0

  • a loooooottttt of improvements
  • almost finished
  • due to a lot of time invested, and a lot more to be done (support, users wishes, EPG import, remote Media Center recording, managing of recordings - from a remote computer) the final version will be donationware (from 5$ up) please appriciate my time and if you like it please donate to enable me to continue with the development this great app... info about donations

03.03.2010 [13:33] build 0.4.0 download

  • first BETA
  • configuration XMLTV - working
  • downloading from XMLTV's sources - working
  • translation - working
  • import into Media Center - not implemented ( this feature may not be implemented at all, or it will be in paid version (about 5$) in order to import into MC7 use Bigscreen EPG or win7 pre TVpack or older something like Blade runner...)

03.03.2010 [22:38] build 0.2.5

03.03.2010 [22:38] build 0.2.5

  • preliminary translation (only to English works, klik the ORB > Translate, but before in Settings tab select English !)
  • settings page does not work, YET...

01.03.2010 [12:51] build 0.2.0

  • XMLTV reset working
  • XMLTV configuration working
  • XMLTV download working
  • translation (just started on this)
  • progress bar not working
  • must download 0.0.4 and 0.2.0 in order to work for future only latest build will be needed

19.02.2010 [23:03] build 0.0.4

  • new beautiful Office 2007 style GUI

18.02.2010 [22:53] build 0.0.3

  • detects if is installed
  • starts configuration
  • detects if TVxb is installed
  • edit window for TVxb config file
  • saves TVxb configuration
  • if above grabbers are not detected (not installed) they will not be shown in the grabbers tree

17.02.2010 [23:05] initial build 0.0.2

  • saving of configurations
  • saving list of grabbers to be processed
  • days to grab data

- you can now tray this, now it works

16.02.2010 [21:51] initial build 0.0.1

  • editing of config XMLTV files (select channels to be downloaded)
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